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Texas Bighorn SocietyWork Project 2017

The Texas Bighorn Society will once again go to the mountains of West Texas to build water catchments for the Texas Desert Bighorn.

** You must be a TBS member to take part in this work project**


March 10th, 11th, and 12th. If you show up in Van Horn on the evening of March 9th at the Red Roof Inn in Van Horn you will be on time to start out on Friday morning.We will head for the Lado Ranch at 8:00 A.M. Join the group this morning and we will convoy out.


The Lado Ranch


We will build two complete guzzlers. We have also been requested to lay water line from a well/pump system to a drinker that the Lado has installed. If you are a worker on the guzzlers be prepared to helicopter up the mountain and to walk off the mountain should such become a necessary.




TBS has blocked off 40 rooms at the Red Roof Inn, (formerly the Ramada Inn) for the dates of March 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2017. Red Roof Inn has set a rate of $59.99 single bed and $69.99 two beds. The Cutoff date for this rate will be February 28th, 2017. Please mention the Texas Bighorn Society when reserving the rooms. 

The contact at the front desk is Mary Melendez.


Local phone number for the motel is 432.283.2800 The motel is located on the west side of town at 200 Golf Course Dr. Check in time is 3:00 P.M.


Be sure to mention “Texas Bighorn Society”





You must be a member of TBS to participate in the work project. we will be prepared to sign up anyone who shows up and wants to work as a member.



Hand tools (i.e. battery drills, pipe wrench, screwdrivers, etc.) TBS will bring water and the Coburns will arrange for the food. 



The saying goes "All work and no play is not good for the soul." TBS's work project always include a lot of play time. It seems that as soon as each work project is complete the big question is when and where are we going next year, what are we going to do and what are we going to eat. I can answer the last one as Jerrell and I have been in charge of the meals for the last 25 years. It's different every year, depending on where we are going. This year we will host a cookie bake-off at our home, where several TBS members come over and we bake those wonderful oatmeal raisin and chocolate chunk cookies that you have to come to love, I can almost smell them now. When they are cool enough we wrap and label them and we just have to do some quality control and sample the broken ones. It seems that there are lots of those! There are many times that we make all the sandwiches in advance as well, spreading out the sandwich bread weighing and putting on the meat, then cheese, adding the top piece of bread, wrapping and labeling each one. When our work is done it's time to relax and enjoy a great dinner. Since we are based in Van Horn this year, sandwich duty will be transferred to the convention center on Thursday afternoon. If you arrive early, come on by and give us a hand. Friday morning everyone will line up and pack their own sack lunch to take to the mountain. Friday night we have hired Margie's Bakery, a local restauranteur to prepare a hand-breaded chicken fried steak dinner for us at the convention center, followed by a fun auction arranged by Steve & Kathy Bolner and it wouldn't be the same without our world-famous auctioneer, Dan Boone. Saturday, we start all over again with sack lunches and we will have a pizza party Saturday night at the same venue. Sometimes we finish the work project early and if we do, Kai Buckert has lined up a tour to see some amazing pictographs that are not available for viewing to the general public, Come on out, I guarantee you will have a great time!

See you there, Pam Coburn


It is impossible to know what the weather will do.

In years past we have had snow and we have had 90-degree heat.

Come prepared.

Bring your hat, gloves, and sunscreen.


This is a remote desert area and the possibilities of life-threatening injuries exist. Volunteers should be in good physical condition and comfortable hiking in rugged terrain.


Please, Please, Please – We need to know if you are coming so we will know how many people to feed

To Register:

Phone: 806-745-7783

TBS website: Registration

Email: dgregson@texasbighornsociety.org;

**Deadline to Register is February 28, 2017**